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How did your collaboration with Capdell come about? Can you talk about your first Project with Capdell?
The meeting with Capdell began in 2019 with the design of the NIX chair. It is a chair that quickly met with success, a hollow design that combines different skills and techniques of wood processing: Laminated wood with a 3D curve, and solid wood fitting into Capdell’s DNA. This project allowed me to understand the brand and its manufacturing processes. With the arrival of a new direction within the brand and a project of reorganization of the company, I had the opportunity to work as the creative director of the company, reorganizing the catalogue and proposing a new approach.

In which direction do you think the image of Capdell should evolve?
In a world of globalization sometimes devoid of meaning, we worked on this notion of geographical singularity, know-how, a culture, Spain, a local production, a set of subjects that give meaning to the new products we are currently developing. Capdell’s image is strengthened with the launch of new collections and with the incorporation of new internationally renowned designers. The new strategy of the company is an intervention in all the subjects related to the brand, design, development, production, sales, image, communication and distribution. They are building their own narrative, in order to build a unique and strong image.

Tell us about your new Loop and Mesana desk collection
As part of Capdell’s strategy, I present 3 new products, the Match chair that we had pre-launched in 2020, but this one is definitely finalized and in multiple versions, therefore meeting various uses, such as residential and contract. Loop is a family that was becoming necessary within the Capdell’s offer. A plywood shell covered with fabric or leather, with or without armrests, available in several bases, it is a transversal chair, both for residential, restaurants but also workspaces, as an office chair. I also developed on the basis of the Mesana collection, a brand new small desk for the residential market, it corresponds to the needs related to this evolution of our uses, a small work desk for home.

Which elements are essential when designing a collection?
Designing a collection must first of all, start from a brand strategy, coherent and unique, which is part of the history of the brand and its DNA. It is necessary to know the history of the brand in order to introduce new products in a logical sequence that nurture and enriches the product offering. We work to develop fair and balanced products: design quality, product quality and a fair price. It is important to develop responsible objects, taking into account the realities of our time, use of appropriate materials and manufacturing methods. This set of criteria responds to the brand’s commitment to the environment.

You have described before that design for you should be timeless, what is a timeless design?
The notion of timeless is indeed an important subject for me, the furniture industry is not tied to fashions, it is more important than ever to design products that find their place and endure.
A good design is for me is a design that lasts over time. In a world of overproduction, it is important to offer durable objects.

You have visited Valencia on several occasions, is there anything about Valencia that inspires you?
I love history and culture, it allows me to understand and contextualize my work, Valencia is a city rich in history and rituals, I like to stroll through the Mercado Central in Valencia city centre, there is an atmosphere that sums up their culture.