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Every piece of furniture aims to provide comfort and well-being to the person that uses it. No matter what kind of space it inhabits. Stena Line’s ferries “Stena Estrid” and “Stena Edda” are proof of this.

The shipping company is committed to taking care of its passengers contributing to make the shipping industry more sustainable. In Capdell we share their values, so collaborating with them has been very easy and gratifying.

For the ships’ interior project, we have contributed with product design, customization, logistics and maintenance services, giving also the best quality guarantee to make sure our products are in their best condition at all times.

One of the collections selected for the interior design is the Concord collection, an award winning family with a very interesting and flexible design. All the pieces are based on a basic structure composed by one, two or three horizontal pieces. By combining these elements in different sizes and finishes we create all the variants of chairs, armchairs and barstools. This collection has the perfect combination of design and comfort.

The Plum armchairs together with the Aro and Moon chairs complete the furniture selection for the interior of the ship. All the products selected in this project have a common feature, the capacity of being highly customised. As a result, the interiors follow a clear line of design creating a  coherent style throughout the entire ship.