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The great event of the Valencian gastronomy, Gastrónoma 2019, has been another year a delicious, exciting and cordial culinary carousel. Chefs like Quique Dacosta and Begoña Rodrigo showed their creations in an area of ​​Feria Valencia that received the name of “Gourmet Bars” and in which our collections have been very present.

The public was able to enjoy Dacosta’s rice and Rodrigo’s patrami sandwich comfortably installed on our Insula sofa and on Nix stools and enjoying the functionality of our Tristar tables, in a space designed by Isho Design.

A space that served as an ephemeral restaurant, but also a meeting point for friends and lovers of Valencian cuisine during three days of new emotions and sensations. Those that generate good food and also furniture when it is manufactured with noble materials, such as wood, and bears the signature of prestigious designers.

The Insula sofa designed by Patrick Norguet brought to each evening its elegance and comfort, while the functional Nix stools of the same designer demonstrated the versatility of the designed line and its ability to adapt to the dining spaces. Claesson Koivisto Rune Tri-Star tables became the perfect allies to taste the creations of culinary geniuses who have gathered in Gastronome.

Gastronome is an annual event that floods Valencia Fair of flavors and textures and to which dozens of restaurants in the city of Valencia are added to offer a varied and complete experience for lovers of a good table, at a good price.