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When we look at a piece of design, we may wonder about it. How was it conceived? What was involved in the design process? What was the most difficult aspect of its manufacture?

Sometimes, we can only imagine how the elements were assembled to give the piece the required soundness and the necessary comfort. But the Polo collection of chairs, designed for Capdell by the Yonoh studio, answers many of our questions with its very design.

Polo is a collection of chairs made from flat strips. Their finishes and the manner in which the parts are connected enable us to understand the essence of the piece, the outcome of a meticulous design process that has resulted in a graceful complexity.

The Polo collection is formed by chairs with a beech wood structure, the seats of which may be laminated or upholstered. A collection with soul.

We have spoken to Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma, members of the Yonoh studio, to ask them about the qualities and details of the Polo collection.

How does the creative process begin in Yonoh?

For us it is very important for every project to have a reason. In the case of the Polo collection, we have sought to make it an iconic product. The starting point for the collection is a very geometric figure that, combined with wood, has enabled us to achieve a piece to which people relate closely. When you sit on Polo you find comfort that it would be hard to achieve with another material.

What did the commission from Capdell consist of?

The firm asked us for a collection of wooden chairs that was very different from what they already had. They wanted a fresh product. Therefore, we decided to play with visible screws, with the joints of the flat strips of wood which were the starting point for our work.

Why did you choose the name Polo for the collection?

The name comes from the mallets used to play polo. We were inspired by them. They gave us the initial idea to achieve a useful and comfortable piece. In Polo, we have worked to bring together pure geometry and comfort.

The collection also reminds us of a Meccano set, with its visible screws.

That’s true. We wanted to turn the concept around and work on the details. Therefore, the Polo collection is rich in details, based on simplicity and essence. It could be a chair drawn by a child.

How would you define Capdell as a brand?

For us, Capdell is synonymous with seriousness and security. It is a company that has been able to overcome the economic crisis successfully and it is still there, putting its faith in design and in its project. Furthermore, they provide us with freshness because they themselves are constantly seeking renewal. Capdell is a firm that accompanies you from your student days. You study the brand, they tell you about it and you dream of being able to work for it one day. And, what’s more, it is Valencian. We have seen its products in magazines since we were students and working with them was one of our dreams and aims as designers.

What projects is your studio working on now?

We are extremely focused on products, but we like challenges very much. Therefore, we work on very different projects. We have always focused on furniture, lighting and habitat in general, and we still do, but we have also made small domestic appliances, bigger pieces…

How do you see your present and your future as designers?

Yonoh is almost 15 years old and we always say that 10 years have been a struggle. And now, at last, we can do what we want. This is a good time for the studio because we can design for firms that we like and work on projects that inspire us. Whether the objects are large or small, what we look for are projects that fill us with satisfaction every day. We like to go to work happy and contented because, in the end, this is transmitted in every project.