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In order to maintain the charm of a townhouse when moving into a highrise building, Fokkema & Partners introduced a modern version of traditional ‘ensuite’ rooms; unexpected yet complementary to the contemporary office space on the 20th floor. The design gives a twist of a residential feeling, combined with great city views, a high degree of transparency and comfortable workplaces. 

The bold, structuring design of two spacious corridors which interrupt a sequence of private rooms along the curved façade, led to enhance orientation and inclusion of two open consultation spaces in the program. As the law firm has an open-door policy, sliding doors were introduced for the private rooms. This way the doors can be left open without blocking the corridor or taking up space inside the room. When closed, the doors offer high acoustic insulation. At the other end of the floorplan, where Leijnse Artz receive their guests, the ‘ensuite’ rooms allow for sequential vistas through the vast openings with articulate steel framed glass doors. The integrated bookshelves flanking double door openings, a herringbone wooden floor and the integration of an atmospheric lighting plan all refer to the archetype of a townhouse. These ‘ensuite’ doors also connect this area to the wide and welcoming corridors, adding to the overall informal and transparent atmosphere.

The clear lines from the layout are emphasised in the materialization of the design. A warm natural palette matches the identity of the firm and their preference for eastern art. Interior finishes and details are refined and subtle, yet expressive. At calculated positions, reflective materialisations on the walls bring views even more to the inside.