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Does furniture have a soul? What does design convey? How do we sense it in our homes and workplaces? Is it born with that desire? We’re kicking off a series of interviews with furniture creators, who reflect on the creative process and its results.

We’re starting with architect and designer Fran Silvestre, who not only designed our new A-Collection but also integrated this piece of furniture into his Hoffman House project, blending pure, sombre geometric lines that define the design of both the product and the architecture.

A-Collection was born from the union of a square-profile octagonal metal structure and a wooden chassis, which is more organic and brings in the comfort and ergonomics of wood. A piece that plays with the minimalism of metal and the warmth of wood in a product that aspires to the minimum expression of its shapes without sacrificing comfort and ergonomics while seated.

A chair born out of an architectural conception of space, playing with lines and geometries, and that, thanks to its materials, can be used in both indoor and covered outdoor spaces. A-Collection is Fran Silvestre’s first collaboration with Capdell and was conceived of “as a piece of furniture that can be admired like a sculpture.”

“A piece that seeks out effective beauty, while also playing with the technical side that makes it comfortable, seeking the ergonomics and comfort that are fundamental in any chair,” explains the architect.

A-Collection was designed for Fran Silvestre’s architectural projects, where it fits like a glove. In this regard, the chair is part of one of his latest projects, “Hoffman House”, an architectural project in Valencia, Spain.

This project features an extruded T-shaped roof, with very special geometry meant to protect against prying eyes. It also aims to control the sun in summer and let it in in winter, with an accessible rooftop that allows residents to enjoy the whole surface of the plot. A huge glass block contains the structure, distributes the spaces and filters privacy. It sits on a stone base that adapts to the natural slope of the plot.

The clean white interior design made up of straight lines fits in perfectly in this highly unique architectural space. And here the A-Collection chair finds its perfect setting, at a huge table in the dining room.

Madera que emite vibraciones positivas en un espacio arquitectónico inmejorable donde los muebles, además de ser funcionales , se convierten en arte.