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Our Panel chair has been awarded. Designed by Lucy Kurrein, it has been recognized with a Design Guild Mark award.

These awards recognize the excellence of british design and innovation. The official ceremony, granted by The Furniture Makers’ Company, will take place in London next week within the framework of the Clerkenwell Design Week.

But there is still more. The design of our Panel chair earned Lucy Kurrein the Young Designer of the Year award granted by the magazine Homes&Gardens Magazine.

Lucy Kurrein is one of the best Young Furniture Designers of the United Kingdom and her work was recognized in 2015 with the Young Furniture Designer award of this magazine.

Its design philosophy, which contains the rigor of the industrial concept with the warmth required by the furniture, is reflected in Panel, an armchair with a steel plate or rod structure, covered with leather or wool.

The shape and the comfort come together in to a leather or wool surface creating a light piece of furniture. The flat steel structure creates a wide and comfortable space for seating.

Lucy Kurrein started their own design studio in London, 2013. After years working in Matthew Hiltons and PearsonLloydswhere she developed design projects related with work places, health and home.

Panel show the values ​​that Lucy Kurrein brings to each project: talent, precision and passion with a forward-looking spirit.